What To Watch On Netflix Throughout The Extended Circuit Breaker In May 2020

The pandemic has radically changed our way of living. As we struggle to deal with the forthcoming mental stress, anxiety and the cabin fever, I am glad that our favourite streaming service, Netflix, is beefing up its production of quality shows and films to keep us entertained.

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This May, Netflix has an entire series of promising new TV shows and films that run the gamut from a brand-new office comedy (from the creators of “The Office” and staring its alumnus Steve Carell) and unique, coming-of-age, queer film as well as a Spanish drama with plenty of vibes from the “Sex and The City”.

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1. The Half of It

An American coming-of-age film that follows the story of a straight-A student, Ellie Chu, who earns extra money for his family by writing essays for her schoolmates. But when a not-so-eloquent jock approaches her to pen a love letter for his crush, she soon realises she might have fallen for her too.

The Half of It is available on Netflix now.

2. Valeria

Resembling the vibes from the classic “Sex and The City”, Valeria is a brand-new, Netflix Original, Spanish drama about four friends in the city of Madrid. The story follows the female protagonist of the same name Valeria, who suffers from imposter syndrome, breaking marriage and some bouts of emotional fallout, confiding in her close friends about her struggles in life. This breezy, chick flick has everything to make you laugh, and learn a thing or two on family, friendship and career.

Valeria is on Netflix now.

3. The Wrong Missy

Just as the protagonist Tim Morris thought he met the girl of his dreams and wanted to invite her over to a company retreat, he sent the invitation to the wrong person. Lo and behold, the seemingly crazy and wild Missy turned up, and havoc ensued. Nonetheless, The Wrong Missy has got what it takes to turn your sultry and dreary day into a uplifting one.

The Wrong Missy is available on Netflix on 13 May 2020.

4. Sweet Magnolias

Maddie, Dana and Helen are three best friends who have been one another’s rock since high school. But when Maddie decides to file for divorce, the stay-at-home mom soon realised she has been out of touch with the working world, her talkative 14-year-old son has become quiet, her ex-husband’s younger girlfriend is expecting his baby, and her two best friends want her in to open a fitness spa for women. Sweet Magnolias is everything about close-knitted sisterhood as well as the epitome of the old adage, “Some friendships are too strong to fail”.  

Sweet Magnolias is available on Netflix on 19 May 2020.

5. Ben Platt Live from Radio City Music Hall

If you have watched “The Politician” and “Pitch Perfect” on Netflix throughout the circuit breaker, you’d know who Ben Platt is. The Tony, Grammy and Emmy-Award winning singer and singer has taken up another collaboration with Netflix, and this time he presents to us the live recording of his concert at Radio City Music in New York City last year. Performing hits from his debut album “Sing to Me Instead”, this Netflix special is the perfect show to binge on with your family.

Ben Platt Live from Radio City Music Hall is available on Netflix on 20 May 2020. 

6. Mystic Pop-Up Bar


Another binge-worthy drama to binge on this May, Mystic Pop-Up Bar is a new K-fantasy drama that is adopted from a webtoon and features the story of a mysterious outdoor bar that can travel between world. The main bartender, whose is not of the human world nor the underworld, is a dream weaver whose job is to help diners seek solace and offer advice in their dreams.  

Mystic Pop-Up Bar will be available on Netflix in May 2020.

7. Space Force

From the creators of “The Office”, Space Force is a brand-new workplace comedy that stars “The Office” ’s alumnus, Steve Carell. When a decorated, four-star general pilot had his dreams of running the Air Force dashed, he finds himself tasked by the White House to set up The Space Force, the sixth branch of  the US Armed Forces, and get American boots onto the moon again.

Space Force is available on Netflix on 29 May 2020.

Honourable mentions that are not included in this list of shows, include “Becoming” – a documentary film on the life of former First-Lady Michelle Obama, “Snowpiercer” – a futuristic thriller that takes place after the Earth becomes a frozen wasteland, and “Trial by Media” – a crime documentary that explains how the media has impacted some of the world’s most dramatic trials.

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