The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 14 Last-Minute, Dude-Proof Gifts For Him

It’s that time of the year again — the season of love & romance is finally upon us. The perennial struggle of choosing the best Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone can be both time-consuming and nerve-wrecking. Even for those who are adept at gift-giving, finding something that is heartfelt, sweet and as practical isn’t easy at all.

Whether you’re shopping for someone whom you have recently met or for someone whom you’ve lived with for awhile, getting a Valentine’s Day gift for him should never be a passing thought. After all, this is your bae and he deserves the best.  

Read on to find out our specially curated list of practical Valentine’s Day gifts, which run the gamut from lifestyle products to tech gadgets, for the special man in your life. And no matter what gifts you pick, we know he will be smitten because this present came straight from your heart.

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1. Theragun liv Percussive Massager Muscle Simulator  

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

This is for the boys who lead an active lifestyle. Meant to relieve the sore and overworked muscles, this electronic hand-held massager has been raved as a godsend by athletes and gym rats. The Theragun, with its intensive, loud and rhythmic punches, aids with post-workout recovery by releasing muscle tension.

If your man has been complaining of stiff or tensed muscle of late, this might just be the ideal gift to splurge on.  

2. Nintendo Switch Gen 2 from Qisahn

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

Some time last year, Nintendo has released an upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch. Dubbed as the Nintendo Switch Gen 2, the new device now boasts a longer battery life and would make any avid console gamers swoon, given its eclectic selection of exclusive games which can be played on TV or in handheld or tabletop modes. If you are feeling even more generous, why not add a video game or two?

3. MOMENTUM True Wireless by Sennheiser

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

Infusing state-of-the-art technology and modern design together, the MOMENTUM True Wireless earbuds would make any audiophiles’ hearts flutter. Offering some of the most beautiful full-range sound you can find in a pair of wireless earbuds — which by the way is encased in a sleek and aesthetically pleasing charging case —, the MOMENTUM True Wireless earbuds also allow for personalisation with a dedicated app to configure how one listens on the go.

4. Knot Button Shirt (Black) by Graye Studio

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

For the lads who are in a dire need of a new garment or for the male fashionistas, this gorgeous, oversized knot button black shirt features a boxy silhouette and a minimal take on the classic mandarin knot buttons. Lightweight and airy, this piece is constructed in sateen weave to elevate as a street-luxe style piece.

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5. Hyaluronic Acid Serum & My Daily Dose of Vitamins ABC +

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

Elevate your man’s skincare routine with Skin Inc’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum and My Daily Dose of ABC. The former not only helps to hydrate the skin, but also keep oily skin at bay too — if your man suffers from an oily T-zone, this is for him.

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

The latter, however, packs quite the punch. Enriched with vitamin A, hyaluronic acid and chlorella extract, My Daily Dose of ABC effortlessly tackles the signs of aging (dull skin, pigmentation and dark eye circles) in the skin while providing hydration at the same time. Both serums should be use after a toner — if he doesn’t already know, perhaps it’s time for a educational facial pampering session between you two?

6. Treatment Styling Balm by Morris Motley

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

One of the best styling balms out there — think mineral-packed, citrus-esque scented, lightweight creme with a strong matte texture (and nourishes the scalp at the same time). This one also promises a long-lasting firm, but pliable hold onto the hair. From the Melbourne-base The Morris Montley Studio, the Treatment Styling Balm is especially suited for those yearning to add volume to his hair.

7. A Fresh Cut by Telja Studios

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

When it comes to gifting, male grooming products can easily satisfy the pickiest and fussiest man of the lot. But why just stop there? Take it a step further with a beauty overhaul with Telja Studios. I mean, there is no harm helping him look a little dapper on a date night, right?

8. Porthos Briefcase by Gnome & Bow

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

A carryall to bring along the everyday necessities to and fro work, the Porthos briefcase by Gnome & Bow — the world’s first storytelling bags — makes for an appealing, stylish addition to his collection.   

And since there are only 50 exclusive pieces of such available worldwide, I’m sure your guy will appreciate this statement piece.

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9. Seiko Chronograph Men’s Brown Leather Watch (SSB275PQ) from h2hub

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

For more than a century, the Japanese watch label, Seiko, has enthralled us with timepieces that boast quality craftmanship, fine watchmaking precision, as well as timelessness. The gorgeous (and manly) Seiko Chronograph Men’s Brown Leather Watch ticks all the boxes of such for the watch enthusiasts.  

10. Serenity Greenhill Silver with Silver Mesh by August Berg

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

A new but promising watch label in the market, August Berg prides itself in its exceptional offering of Scandinavian watches. Minimalistic, simple and wholly versatile, watches from the brand’s debut collection “Serenity” are an ode to finding peace amid the everyday conundrum. If you are looking to gift something unique and meaningful this Valentine’s Day, gifting one timepiece from the “Serenity” collection is akin to giving the gift of time.

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11. Vino Electric Wine Opener by IUIGA

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

It’s chic, aesthetically pleasing, and super easy to operate. This is honestly one of the best gifts you can gift any guy in your household (your brother, father and even distant uncle) or life, including your male best friend or colleagues. But for that special someone, this electric wine opener doubles as a gift for you too. Cheers to that.  

12.  Bolo Hanging Planter by HipVan

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

For those with green fingers (you might consider checking out @boyswithplants on Instagram), the eye-catching Bolo Hanging Plant makes for an excellent addition to his collection of botanical accessories.

13. Quiver X Bagpack by Bow for Bold

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

This is for the everyday hustlers. Whether he’s heading to a gym then to an office, or heading out for a weekend trip, the new Quiver X is equipped to pack his daily essentials — think laptop, pair of shoes and some overnight essentials — neatly and stylishly.

14. Underwear Subscription by Bundies

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him hoolah 2020

This isn’t just merely for the laughs. Made from natural fabrics that are sustainably grown, some of Bundies’ undergarments are said to even inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria too! So even if he has a great sense of style on the outside, you might want to take this opportunity to remind him that whatever he wears down under or on the inside matters too.  

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