15 Quirky, Locally-themed Mementos That Will Remind You of Singapore

We implore you to take a trip down memory lane with these nostalgic knick-knacks that double as excellent gifts and souvenirs.

Often witty iterations of Singapore’s cultures, food and other offerings, these tasteful mementos are more than likely to take you down memory lane. Perfect as souvenirs or gifts for friends and families overseas, these knick-knacks are functional, fun and boast an aesthetic that befittingly describes the Singaporean way of life.

1. Local Food Cushions

Image Courtesy: Area65

These adorable and playful cushions are reminiscent of our favourite childhood snacks. Vibrant yet simplistic, these cushions are sure to stir up nostalgic memories for those Singaporeans living abroad or those who have feasted on our sunny island.

Price: $29.90 / Website

2. Nine-layered Cake Door-stopper

Image Courtesy: Area65

This unassuming (but cheeky) door-stopper may be an oddball against the other offerings listed here, it nonetheless serves as a discreet reference to the nation’s beloved “jiu cheng gao” (Nine-layered cake).

Price: $12.90 / Website

3. “Good Morning” Towel

Image Courtesy: Area65

A pillar to our caffeine-dependent population, the humble kopi-uncle (or aunty) is often seen toiling away in steamy, shoebox stalls with the iconic Good Morning Towel around his/her neck. Pay homage to these hardworking, often overlooked baristas with a quintessential piece of their attire.

Price: $24.90 / Website

4. Food Postcards

Image Courtesy: Naiise

These hipster postcards immortalise and render our favourite hawker dishes into beautiful, artistic drawings. Too bad you can’t actually eat any of them.

Price: $16.90 (for six) / Website

5. Singlish Guidebook

Image Courtesy: Kinokuniya

“Singlish” is a language comprising an array of other languages across the different ethnic groups. Many of our foreign friends had some difficulty mastering it. So, here’s a guidebook that can help them overcome the seemingly daunting lingo.

Price: $9.80 / Website

6. Singaporean Washi Tapes

Image Courtesy: Area65

In Singapore, scrap-booking is not a lost art yet. Level up your scrap-booking game with a uniquely Singapore-flair with these washi tapes that are available in ‘Pasar Malam’ (Night Market) or food designs.

Price: $3.90 / Website

7. Merlion-Chou Chou Plushie

Image Courtesy: Area65

Go beyond the boring Merlion-designed chocolates and cuddle up with this adorable Merlion-Chou Chou Plushie instead!

Price: $24.90 / Website

8. Durian Cushion

Image Courtesy: Area65

The King of Fruit now comes in a fluffy, scentless cushion that is sure to win the hearts from across all camps.

Price: $29.90 / Website

9. ERP Doormat

Image Courtesy: Area65

Ah, the bane of every Singaporean driver on the road. These “penny-pinchers”, otherwise known as Electronic Road Pricing, are rendered into a doormat that is sure to serve as good conversation starters or mild fright.

Price: $18 / Website

10. Singapore-exclusive Pikachu Plushie

The newly-opened Pokemon centre in Jewel, Changi now sports Pikachu in an exclusive-pilot costume. Die-hard fans or any Pokemon nerd are likely to fawn over them.

Price: TBC / Website

11. Batik Keychain and Mirror

Image Courtesy: Naiise

Peranakan heritage is deeply intertwined with our history, and you can be a part of it with this chic batik keychain and mirror set.

Price: $6.90 / Website

12. Mr Kiasu Comics

Image Courtesy: Shogakukan

Mr Kiasu, the caricature of our “fear to lose out” attitude, has roots that date back to the 90s’. Its popularity has since increase as he was brought back into 2017 to the smartphone totting, social media-obsessed generation. Follow his wacky adventures with this newly-published comic.

Price: $12.90 / Website

13. Merlion Ice-Cream Mould

Beat the hot weather with Merlion-shaped desserts! These moulds are so functional that you can even use them to make ice-cream, popsicles, jellies, and even large ice cubes.

Price: $19.90 / Website

14. Playground Socks

Image Courtesy: The Farm Store

This pair of socks from The Farm Store is the epitome of nostalgia. Featuring the mosaic aesthetic from the iconic dragon playground in Toa Payoh, you are sure to relieve those fleeting childhood years.

Price: $12 (for 1); $33 (for 3) / Website

15. Recipe Plates

Image Courtesy: Area65

Recipes from some of Singapore’s iconic dishes are artfully decorated these plates. Hopefully, you can recreate these dishes at home all whilst recalling the memories at a hawker centre.

Price: $16.90 / Website

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