The Best Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Dad in Your Life

Father’s Day is right around the corner and it is usually pretty difficult to pick something out for the father figure in your life. He’s probably already got everything he needs and if not, would be unlikely to share his wishlist with you. The hoolah team did some digging and have come up with a great list packed with options for you. Whether it’s an ergonomic chair or a relaxing candle, our gift guide has a suggestion for every dad type in your life!

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For the Dapper Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide 
Photo Credits: Assemble

Perhaps your dad loves lounging around in his tanks but also has the occasional need to dress up for a meeting or a lunch. Help him live out his dapper dan dreams with a custom tailored experience at Assemble. This way he is prepared for any occasion, any time and any place.

Father's Day Gift Guide 
GRAYE clothing
Photo Credits: GRAYE

If you are looking for something in the lower budget of dandy and dapper, GRAYE offers comfortable but also stylish clothing options. Their pieces offer a versatile style that allows transition seamlessly between lounging and living, supporting work, rest and play.

For the Dad Who Needs to Relax

Forget shaving creams and belts for a second – what could possibly be a better gift than the gift of wellbeing and health?

Father's Day Gift Guide 
Ergonomic Chair
Photo Credits: APOL

If your dad spends hours on his laptop working away, or enjoys reading his books and newspapers, why not get him a comfortable working chair? The APOL Kraken is made from signature CloudTech® Foam paired with incredible amount of supports to create the best and most comforting hugging sensation one can feel while seating.

Father's Day Gift Guide 
Ergonomic Pillow
Photo Credits: mpillow

If your dad is hard-pressed for a good night’s sleep, or often stays up till 2am watching late night tv because he just “can’t fall asleep”, getting him an ergonomic pillow would be the best investment! The compressed fillings in the cushion provides consistent support to the neck, is compact and does not shift around too much- which makes for a fidget free, comfortable sleep!

For the Coffee Fanatic Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide 
Clessidra Filter Coffee Maker
Photo Credits: DeLonghi

Gift your dad the option to put aside his beloved kopi-os for now! This new drip coffee maker automatically replicates the pour-over coffee method at the touch of a button – the slower brewing process results in a more intense and aromatic flavour. The precision brewing technology has earned certification from the European Coffee Brewing Centre (ECBC) for perfect flavour extraction with the highest quality standards. Also, there’s nothing like waking up to your house smelling like freshly brewed coffee!

Father's Day Gift Guide  PrimaDonna Elite Experience
Photo Credits: DeLonghi

If he appreciates a more elite and gourmet cup, the PrimaDonna Elite Experience will bring him there. With this machine, he will be able to make coffee beverages at the perfect temperature, with the perfect density, colour and taste thanks to DeLonghi bean to cup technology. 

If you are looking for a good bag of coffee beans for that perfect cup, CAP is a coffee beans distributor based in Singapore and you can get your beans of choice here. We love the Al Banco Espresso Blend because it makes a perfect cup to start your day with its full bodied rich distinct hazel nut aromatic flavour. Dark roasted but not bitter, it ends with a sweet note to the palate. If you crave something lighter and milder, the Siesta Espresso Blend is medium roasted and smooth to the palate with its chocolaty aftertaste. 

For the Dad Who Loves His Trinkets

Father's Day Gift Guide 
Serenity Greenhill Rose Gold | Light Brown Leather-August Berg
Photo Credits: August Berg

A man loves his watches so what better gift than a classic, hardy watch like the Serenity Greenhill watch from August Berg? It is made with anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, single-dome sapphire crystal glass and surgical grade stainless steel. It also comes in a sustainable, eco-conscious packaging with a reusable eco-conscious bamboo box. We love a gift with good eco-friendly packaging.

Father's Day Gift Guide 
MOMENTUM True Wireless 2
Photo Credits: Sennheiser

Perhaps your dad’s trinket of choice is less decorative and practical for everyday use. In that case, get him something that is easily incorporated into his everyday routine. The Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 Bluetooth In-ear Wireless Headphones will deliver the best listening experience anytime, anywhere. With improved ergonomics designed for full day wearing and refined touch controls for a more personalised experience, they have been finely crafted for the most discerning listener and will definitely enhance your dad’s everyday routine.

Getting a gift for your dad this Father’s Day does not need to be a difficult task at all! As long as you show your dad or father figure your appreciation, we are sure that any of these gift options will be the cherry on top!


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