Stay Home Edition: A Definitive Guide to Stay-at-Home Entertainment To Cure Boredom

From incessant hoarding of toilet papers to #WFH, the coronavirus pandemic has sparked a slew of changes and events that changed how Singaporeans cope with their daily activities.

In a bid to combat and contain the coronavirus pandemic, the Singaporean government has also announced a temporary closure of some entertainment venues, including cinemas and bars, last Friday. Gatherings between 10 or more people are also banned within the same time frame from now till 30 April 2020.

One week later today, following a news statement that the number of coronavirus cases in Singapore has rose past 1,000 this week, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has rolled out even stringent measures, such as schools and non-essential workplaces closures, in the midst.

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As the nation reels in to practice social distancing and adhering strictly to stay-at-home notices, one question inevitably comes to mind: With the closures of some entertainment outlets, how best can we entertain ourselves from home?

Here, we list a non-conclusive list of entertainment choices that you and your family can participate along to cure your boredom!

1.  Follow social media’s latest trend: Frothy Dalgona Coffee

Remember it was a few years ago that cloudy, souffle eggs were the star on Instagram? The frothy food trend has once again returned and this time, it has transformed the way we consume our morning cuppa.

Introducing the Dalgona Coffee, a milk-based beverage consisting a hearty dollop of whipped coffee (Yes, that’s right!) that can be easily made in the kitchen. We have attached a simple illustration of the ingredients you need and how you can make it yourself.

And if you aren’t a coffee drinker, you can swap coffee powder with matcha or cocoa powder!

2. Revisit the wizarding world of Harry Potter with Harry Potter At Home

On April 1, the acclaimed fantasy English writer, JK Rowling, took to Twitter and cooked up some magic with the launch of a new immersive online portal, “Harry Potter At Home”.   

“During the strange times we now find ourselves in, we want to welcome you back to Hogwarts, where you will find a friendly retreat for you, your family and those you are caring for,” writes the welcome post on the website.

Harry Potter, JK Rowling, coronavirus entertainment option
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The specially curated online portal serves to not only bring back that sense of childhood nostalgia for the wizarding world, but also helps those who are isolated stay entertained with a tad of magic. Visitors are, of course, able to participate in a myriad of activities that run the gamut from interactive crafts, puzzles, quizzes and even articles too.

3. Meet potential partners or new friends on … Tinder!

coronavirus, tinder passport
Photo Credit: Tinder

Considering how many parts of the world are inaccessible temporarily now and going out on dates is what we call a socially irresponsible act, Tinder is now allowing singles from around the world to connect for FREE!

From now till 30April, you will now be able to connect with anyone from anywhere from around the world with the new Tinder Passport. Which means you can diligently adhere to physically-isolating measures and not be disconnected too! 

4. Catch up on or update your Netflix to-watch list

Netlix, Lee Min-ho, coronavirus entertainment
Photo Credit: Netflix

There is nothing short of entertaining on Netflix. If you have yet binge watch the latest K-dramas or the previous seasons of Kim’s Convenience, you are about to miss out on a lot more.

Thankfully, this period of isolation has gifted us with plenty of time to catch up on your favourite shows. In case you are looking for new shows to binge on, here is a list of new and promising shows that will be released in April!  

  • Kim’s Convenience: Season 4
  • Nailed It: Season 4
  • Money Heist: Season 4
  • Extraction (Action-thriller starring Chris Hemsworth)
  • Never Have I Ever (Mindy Kaling’s new comedy series starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Richa Moorjani)
  • Extracurricular (K-drama starring Kim Dong-Hee, Jung Da-bin, Park Joo-hyun)

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5. Visit cultural museums from your couch

Temporary closures and bans amid the coronavirus pandemic aren’t stopping heritage-rich museums from showcasing their extensive collections or dynamic interior designs. With how advanced technology is today, some museums are getting creative and are offering visitors the opportunity to embark on virtual tours to their museums all from the comfort of their bed or couch!

Here we list a few of the world’s best museums that you can explore at home:

6. Play social games that help restore your faith in humanity

At a time when meeting people in real life is discouraged, socialisation seems to be hitting a huge bump on the road. Fortunately, virtual play dates exist and we see them manifest in the form of multi-player online games.

Here, we three of our favourites that perhaps may well hold the key to restoring our faith in connecting with others too!

  • Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”

    The game in simple words is a life stimulator. I like to make a comparison to THE SIMS, but it would do it no justice. Devoid of any concrete missions, Animal Crossing: New Horizons sets you out as adorable characters living on a deserted island. With a naïve art style, soft-hued colour palette, and feel-good background music, the game has plenty of treasures speckled around and it also offers you the opportunity to visit your friends too.   
  • Kind Words (Lo-Fi Chill Beats to Write To)

    The premise of this game is simple. Here, you write nice letters to real people with real issues all while listening to lofi-chill music in the background. The community is wholesome here. If you have been feeling down and stressed, why not spend some time and share your woes? Who knows, you might get a response or two to help you out too? 

    In the present coronavirus pandemic climate, nothing beats having some encouraging or kind words to push you on!

7. Learn a new hobby

Since we will be spending plenty of time at home, learning or picking up a new hobby has never been more alluring. After all this is the perfect opportunity for you to soak up new knowledge too.

Kenwood Bread Maker, coronavirus

So, if you have been watching baking shows and are urging to create a sourdough bread of your own, now would be the perfect time for you to purchase that industrial and chic Bread Maker from Kenwood (with free delivery too!).     

Or if you own a guitar, but haven’t had the time to learn how to play it, Fender’s three-month online learning subscription freebie could be what you need to get started and explore the instrument.

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