Stay Home Edition: How to Care for Your Mental Health in The Extended Quarantine

While quarantine and circuit breaker measures are essential and beneficial to our physical health, it has definitely taken a toll on our mental health. Being confined in a small area has already got all of us in a funk but when we add in the never-ending anxiety that follows every news article we read, everything gets so overwhelming. And now that our quarantine period has been extended another few more weeks, it is so important for us to practice good mental health habits! While we cannot advise much on protecting yourself from the coronavirus (you already know it all ie mask, social distancing, wash your hands with soap etc), the team at hoolah has compiled a few tips on how to protect your mental health during this extended quarantine! Coincidentally, it’s Taurus szn so we felt like it was only appropriate we bring forth the self-care tips!

Feed Your Skin Hunger

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Did you know that it is not normal or healthy for humans to go extended periods without touching each other? It is an actual thing termed skin starvation and is known to cause you to plunge into depressive moods! Being unable to touch or have physical contact with people may feed the illusion that you are going through this traumatic period alone – this is obviously detrimental to your mental health. Our advice? While we’re not commending touching strangers (don’t forget the 1m rule!), you’re totally allowed to give the people you’re quarantining with a morning hug or a kiss goodnight. Just remember to wash your hands!

If you’re not living with anyone during this period, perhaps think about adopting or fostering a pet. Not only are you taking these active steps to improve your mental health, you are helping a little furry friend out as well. We’ll take that win-win!

Improve Your Diet

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It’s really important to ensure, especially now that we’re cooped at home and our lifestyles are becoming increasingly sedimentary. Studies have shown that people who included more vegetables and fruits into their diet had higher levels of wellbeing than those who didn’t. While you don’t have to completely remove sugars and indulgent food from your diet, it’s better to pepper them sparsely into your meal plan.

Stretch Out Your Tensions

There’s an anecdote that goes “Sitting is the new smoking” and research has shown that prolonged periods of sitting is really bad for your health – whether mental or physical. Whether you’re working or catching up on Netflix, your body is constantly slumped over your laptop or on the couch. That will result in your body being really tensed up and that might cause your mental health to take a turn for the worse. Stretching may sound like a really simple and obvious way to get rid of any aches but incorporating stretches into your everyday routine will also help improve your mood and raise spirits!

It might also be worthwhile considering a chair that provides good ergonomic support. Check out APOL’s line of chairs that are upholstered in PU leather and that promise to provide a comfortable sitting experience.

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Avoid Going Out

A huge reason anxiety exists during this period is because there’s always a deep-seated paranoia that we might have come into contact with the virus. There hasn’t been a way to confirm for sure that you haven’t so that suspicion and paranoia are bound to settle and fester into something ugly. The only way to better control those anxieties will be, ultimately, to reduce the chances of you coming into contact with the virus, and just avoid going out. You might come into contact with someone who is asymptomatic, or touch a contaminated surface, and honestly, no one needs that stress or anxiety that comes with second guessing. Stay at home and when you absolutely have to go out, remember your masks!

Take a Break and Enjoy Some Quality Relaxation Content

When you’re stuck at home, it gets pretty difficult to distinguish between work and play. It’s especially hard when you’re working from home and your working time bleeds into your rest time. One way to separate the two will be coming out with a detailed schedule. Arrange work in the afternoon when the sun is out and take scheduled breaks every now and then. Check out our article for some ASMR videos you can relax and unwind to while on your next break!

It’s also great practice to set goals and to-do lists for the day! Setting goals and achieving them gives a sense of control and purpose – think about things you want or need to do to accomplish before turning in for the night.

Create a Mindful and Positive Space

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Because you’re spending so much time inside, the areas and walls you surround yourself with should be as comfortable and positive as possible. You don’t need to completely remake your room or house but a few additional changes might help improve your everyday mood!

Consider smudging your area of work and rest! Smudging has been traditionally used to protect the user against any negativity affects your sleep or rest cycle. Smudging your room or house could help you alleviate any anxiety and introduce some good vibes into your area.

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You can also take up space near windows and take in some sunlight! Sunshine long been revered for its positive impacts on wellbeing. It has been proven to help induce production of Vitamin D which protects against inflammation, lowers high blood pressure, helps muscles, improves brain function and alleviates anxiety. Do your work next to a table positioned near a window so you can soak in plenty of natural light.

Circuit breaker measures aren’t fun and the extended period is sure to get everyone down. Just remember that this will eventually be over soon and we will all come out of it stronger and better.


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