The #bosslady Style Guide: Power Dressing To Celebrate International Women’s Week

International Women’s Week is well upon us (hurrah!) and this one’s for all my ladies. As we take this week to revel in the empowerment of the women around us, here are some looks to adorn. A shoulder padded blazer does a #bosslady not make — yes, it’s true, but the age-old adage “look good, feel good” translates well to any occasion. When you dress for power, you exude confidence, strength and moxie. After all, we are already #girlbosses, so why not dress the part as well?

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Here are some fashion forward tips on power dressing that will ensure you walk out today, head held high with a prep in your stride.

Structured Lines

Power Dressing
Photo Credit: akinn

The 1800s had corsets and the 1980s had shoulder pads. While these are (kinda) effective ways to present the female body in a strong and structured sillouhette, they are really dated and not to mention, uncomfortable. If you would like to incorporate strong lines in your wardrobe, there are easier and more wearable ways to do so.

One way would be to opt for a soft material that has large and noticeable pleats. These pleats will draw the eye to the shape and line of the outfit, and the strength of the line and sillouhette will help add to the essence of confidence. You can also pair slouchy pieces with a blazer or a jacket. The relaxed fit of your piece will only serve to highlight the structure of the outerwear.

Strong Colours

Power Dressing

Wearing a vivid colour immediately allows you to associate your personality with such characteristics — vibrant, strong and confident. By sporting a colour that catches the eye, you are establishing your presence in the room and ensuring that you stand out. Remember to match colours appropriately. For instance, if you are veering towards a neon hue, match it with a strong mute colour like white or black, as opposed to a soft pastel pink. Pick colours that complement each other and they will, in turn, complement your personality!

If you are on a limited budget and want to remain fresh with bold colours but not be the one always in the same highlighter green outfit, invest in a few quality basic pieces that help transform your statement pieces. Pairing a red blouse with white pants will be a complete different look than when wearing it tucked into a sleek pencil skirt, and you’re still wearing the same top! The best part? You can repurpose these basic outfits and pieces in so many other ways. A true #girlboss is one who is sustainable and loves her Earth!

A true #girlboss is one who is sustainable and loves her Earth!

Do Not Be Afraid to Experiment with Prints

Power Dressing
Photo Credit: ZERRIN

Some people may shy away from bold prints in fear of erring on the loud side but it is actually a perfect way to showcase your personality. Prints draw visual attention to you and leaves a lasting impression. People are more likely to remember you and your presence when you show up in a strong visually grabbing outfit. Just remember that a classic silhouette usually works best for a strong print – think streamline or A-line! Avoid having a bold pattern in an unusual silhouette as it will overwhelm the senses and may come across garish.

We love this jumpsuit from ZERRIN because of its long and streamlined silhouette. The length of it allows for the eye to comfortably take in the beautiful print, without being distracted by another layer, texture or colour. The pockets add an extra #oomph too because we all know tucking our hands in pockets really help us execute that boss lady stance!

When you dress for power, you exude confidence, strength and moxie.

Focus on your Top Half

Because most business deals happen during meetings, interviews and lunches, people will be more likely to remember how you look seated.

To leave a positive lasting impression, pay more attention to your top half when dressing. Before leaving the house, check for any food stains, holes or crinkles. These fashion faux pas, while not super serious, might convey the idea that you are unkempt and not attentive enough.

Photo Credit: akinn

Stay away from messy layering. These layers might pose to be distracting if they are not lined up properly and are falling over your shoulders. A clean and freshly pressed shirt will help present you as professional and competent, and focus will be aptly given to your words, rather than your messy layers.

Presentable Hands

By Invite Only

Your hands do a lot in maintaining a conversation and therefore, may be the most memorable part of your body. Imagine you’re in #girlboss mode and are trying to pitch an idea to your bosses. You’re gesturing to the data, the slides and the numbers on the page but all people notice are how chewed up and messy your nails are. Or worse, they’re eyeing that really weird and inappropriate giant rainbow glittery ring on your finger… and focus is no longer on the words or the point you are trying to make.

Make sure your nails are well groomed and clean. Opt for some neutral colours that are perfect for the workplace, or even a pop of colour to stand out in a monochrome outfit. The Min List has some odourless and water-based polish that come in a wide variety of colours. Just remember, no more chewing them!

Trixie Khong By Invite Only
Photo Credit: By Invite Only

As for finger bling, remember that less is more. If you prefer something more statement, go for it but resist the urge to stack them! Art principles always come to play in fashion and overwhelming the visual senses do more harm than good.

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And there you have it, tips to ensure you leave your house ready to stomp all over the patriarchy and that dreaded glass ceiling. While these nuggets of wisdom, when well incorporated into your wardrobe, can really elevate your look, remember that without substance, appearances do not hold!

Stay true to your inner #girlboss and it won’t be long before it shows in your image. Also, power dressing for the win!


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