What To Watch On Netflix As You Practice Social Distancing At Home

April is starting to feel a little dreary. Today marks the start of the Circuit Breaker month, where non-essential services temporarily shutter down and Singaporeans are encouraged to stay home.

You’d want to go out, but you’d realise that there is nowhere to go. Entertainment outlets have shuttered down. Cafes and restaurants do not offer dining in services. Even offices are closed as the bulk of the workforce transitioned to working from home. You’d realised that the coronavirus pandemic has done us a good one. And you are going to be staying home a lot.

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Fortunately, tough times don’t last. And even if they do, we know of a myriad of things to keep us preoccupied amid the pandemic, right? If you are ever needing a distraction amid these trying times, let us help you with a list of recommendations of new shows to catch and old hits to binge on on Netflix.

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Something Funny

1. The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show (NEW)

Executively produced by and starring comedienne, Iliza Shlesinger, the satire-packed Netflix Original sketch comedy series is bound to make you bawl your hearts out with its insanity, ridiculousness and dead-pan jest.

The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show is available on Netflix on 1 April 2020.

2. Nailed It! – Season 4 (NEW)

“To bake, or not to bake,” says Nicole Byer in the Season Four trailer of Nailed It! If you are familiar with the series, you’d have a whale of your time laughing away at all the kitchen fails the greenhorn bakers make as they attempt to re-create edible masterpieces. Expect the expected – that is everything that could go wrong would go wrong, and be ready to laugh a lot.

Nailed It! S4 is available on Netflix on 1 April 2020

3. The Good Place (Old)

There are four seasons for this one. Trust me, all four of them are equally hilarious. The TV series follow four characters who ended up in “The Good Place” after they died, only to realise that things often go wrong wherever they are.

The Good Place is available on Netflix.

Something Thrilling

4. Money Heist – Part 4 (NEW)

Let the chaos unfold in the latest season of Money Heist. The gripping Spanish crime thriller has kept fans on their toes with each heist committed by the group, led by the Professor. Each new season is said to be more riveting than its previous releases. I’m more than certain that Part 4 will keep you on the edge.    

Money Heist S4 is available on Netflix on 3 April 2020.

5. Rising High (NEW)


Two real estate frauders, Viktor Stein and Gerry Falkland, have a singular mission of becoming rich in the shortest time possible. They are joined by banker, Nicole Kleber, and together, they upended the property market in Berlin. Diving deeper into a world of deception, fraud and deceit with each sales,  they soon come face -to-face with a threat they are all too familiar with.  

Rising High is available on Netflix on 17 April 2020.

6. Extraction (NEW)


Chris Hemsworth stars in this one and this time, he acts as a fearless black-market mercenary tasked with a mission to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord.

Extraction is available on Netflix on 24 April 2020.

Something Spooky

7. American Horror Story S1- S8

There are eight seasons on Netflix, each is a self-contained miniseries with their own unique story lines. Some of the plot elements are loosely inspired from real-life events. Actors often who play one character in a series, often return to act as another character in a separate series. That said, I highly recommend catching Season Three: Coven. The riveting and gripping storytelling makes for a lovely or if not, thrilling show to binge on at night.  

Amerian Horror Story S1 – S8 are available on Netflix.

Something from the K-Wave

8. Rugal (NEW)

Featuring Choi Jin-hyuk and Park Sung-woong, Rugal follows the story of an ex-detective from the violent crime unit who is suspected of killing his own wife. Having his eyes slashed after witnessing the murder of his wife by terrorist group ARGOS, he joins a special ops organisation Rugal, whose goal is to eliminate and eradicate ARGOS, and vows to seek revenge.

Rugal is available on Netflix now.

9. The King: Eternal Monarch (NEW)

This romantic fantasy drama will be Lee Min-ho’s first ever TV show following his release from his military service. Here, Lee Min-ho stars as the dashing King Lee Gon, who meets modern-day police inspector Jung Tael-eul (Kim Go-eun) as he traipses across time through magical gateway. Surely, love will transcend time and spatial boundaries. But of course, the more important question here is will “The King: Eternal Monarch” replace and fill the gaping hole in our heart that has been left by “Crash Landing On You”? I think so.

The King: Eternal Monarch is available on Netflix from mid-April 2020.

10. Extracurricular (NEW)


Starring up-and-coming actor, Kim Dong-hee (from Itaewon Class) as high school student who would do anything to earn a quick buck for his college tuition. Little did he know that he would implicate his classmates into a life of crime with dire consequences and there is no turning back.  

Extracurricular is available on Netflix on 29 April 2020.  

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