How To Improve Your Skincare Routine During Self Isolation

Dreary days are ahead us and if the stress of the coronavirus hasn’t gotten to you yet, its aftereffects (crashing job market, we’re looking at you!) are bound to. And if there’s one thing that doesn’t handle stress well, it’s your skin. During this time while we’re all practicing social responsibility by , staying in quarantine, staying home and staying safe, don’t skimp on your skincare routine! Us over at hoolah have come up with some reminders and tips on how to give your skin the extra TLC it needs, especially now, with the added stress and anxiety. Here’s how to improve your skincare routine while staying indoors.

Wash Your Face

Staying at home means less makeup and Zoom meetings mean a more forgiving focus on your face (read: no foundation needed!) However, it is crucial to wash your face at least twice a day because makeup is not the only thing that irritates your skin. Debris, bacteria and dust collect and may build up on your face if you’re not careful and pores can get clogged. Let’s also not forget that oil and dirt from our hair can transfer on to our pillowcases, which end up on our cheeks! No one needs the added stress of a breakout now so be sure to wash your face often, preferably with a mild, hydrating and calming cleanser like this one by The Ordinary.

Photo Credits: The Ordinary / skinx

Don’t Forget The Sunscreen

Although you might be serving your Stay Home Notice indoors, the sun and its rays still have their way of reaching your skin and causing damage! Research shows that standard glass windows block UVB but not UVA rays, which can penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB rays. These rays are the main contributing factors skin ailments like dark spots and wrinkles.

Considering that sunlight is essential to keeping your serotonin levels up, we’re not advising you to draw the curtains and close your windows, but rather keep your sunscreen on as usual! If you’re after something lightweight, Dr Jart+ does a really hydrating water-based formula that’s perfect for keeping the harmful rays away.

Photo Credits: Dr Jart+ / skinx

Pamper Your Skin With Masks

While everyone’s clamouring over face masks, staying indoors mean you can put your N95s and surgical masks aside and indulge in a different type of mask! Yeah, we’re talking face masks chockfull of serums and all kinds of goodness for your skin. Here are a few options from skinx so you can get treat your face with nourishing ingredients while lounging on Netflix. The Matcha Detoxifying Face Mask helps to clean out the junk residing in your skin while calming any redness.

Photo Credits: Milk Makeup / skinx

If a sheet mask is more your speed, some of our favourites include COSRX’s One Step Original Clear Kit – a cleansing mask that helps degunk your pores.

Photo Credits: skinx

Invest in a Skincare Tool

Sometimes, just putting on a face mask or slathering serums on is not enough to ensure your skin gets all the goodness from these formulas. To make sure that your skin is prepped right to absorb all these vitamins, you can indulge in a face steamer that allows you some spa like indulgence right in the comfort of your own home. This nifty gadget preps your pores by opening them up and detoxifies your skin by removing impurities. Think indulgent spa session without being stuck in a humid room with other strangers, ick!

Ionic Face Steamer EH-SA31
Photo Credits: Panasonic

Another tool that helps your skin absorb the nutrients from skincare would be the trusty jade roller! Get yours here today and gift yourself a mini massage everyday. Pro tip – chuck your roller in the freezer to get the ultimate refreshing experience and upgrade your skincare routine!

Photo Credits: Psychic Sisters

Take Care of Those Peepers!

Ah, our eyes, lauded as the windows to our soul. But ever since we’ve been stuck at home, they’ve become what we heavily depend on to take in hours of Netflix binges, relentless Zoom meetings and endless scrolling on Facebook and Tik-Tok. With so much physical strain on our eyes, they may start losing their spark and brightness, and the condition of the skin around them might start deteriorating, resulting in dark circles, eye bags or even wrinkles! Care for your eye area is also oft overlooked during our skincare routine.

Prevention is often better than a search for the cure but because there’s literally nothing else we can do indoors, here are some goodies that will help you pamper your peepers a bit more! We particularly love this serum from The Ordinary that contains caffeine and tea leaves extract. These natural ingredients will help brighten eyes as well as dark circles, and reduce puffiness. Now, you can go ahead and cry at that K-drama’s finale without worrying about swollen eyes!

Photo Credits: The Ordinary / skinx

skinx brings to Singapore a bevy of skincare and makeup products from brands that are not easily accessible in our nation. Some brands include Drunk Elephant and The Ordinary, brands that you would otherwise have to pay an exorbitant delivery fee to procure. Check out all the other products skinx has to offer and indulge in some new skincare pieces. Not only will you not rack up a crazy shipping fee (free shipping for Singapore and Malaysia), you can pay for your items in instalments with hoolah! Now go forth and pamper your skin.


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