How to Dress for Fall in Singapore’s Humidity

It’s spooky szn! The beckoning of the last quarter of the year usually means autumn leaves, pumpkin spiced lattes and Black Friday sales. However, it remains blistering hot in Singapore with temperatures rising to the 30s and the never-ending rain which ultimately results in muggy and humid weather. So what’s a seasonal fashion loving girl to do? Embrace and adapt! Here are some ways we can make fall outfits work for Singapore’s humidity. Read: no huge teddy coats, sorry.

When going from summer to fall, this time of year can be a real challenge wardrobe wise. I’m here to help solve that problem for you! When thinking about how to dress for fall when it’s still warm weather outside, think about these tips next time you’re staring at your closet and asking Google what the temperature is outside.

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Go for a Fall Colour Scheme

Let’s compensate the thick textures and materials of a fall wardrobe by bumping up the fall colours. Think burgundy, hunter greens, browns and navy. These colours scream fall so even if you’re dressed in a simple tee with jeans, you’re already half way there. A great way to do this too when it’s super hot out is to grab those summer favourites like a breezy maxi dress in a fall colour or pattern. Hint: any colours with the words dusty or rusty usually work super well!

Embrace The Tiny Pieces of Clothing

It may sound unlikely but the best thing for a humid fall will actually be a tank top or a cropped top! Gravitate towards creams or nudes and if you’re feeling festive, pick up some soft wooly tanks. These tanks will be a great way to embrace the season of fall with summer temperatures. Tanks also make a great piece for layering which as we all know, is the quintessential fall look.

Choose Light Layers

When you’re choosing to layer in a country that is as hot as Singapore, you have to do it with a light hand. Pick pieces that are breathable and are light enough for you to walk out of the office and to a hawker for lunch, easy. Denim jackets are great and trademark for fall but instead of going for a heavy denim, pick something more lightweight like this jacket from 6ixty8ight.

Photo Credits: 6ixty8ight

By keeping your outerwear lightweight and your under pieces (tank tops) short and sleeveless, you can definitely keep cool while looking autumn ready!

Fall Inspired Accessories

No, we’re not thinking of cheesy pieces like a fedora or a fringe bag. Those can and should stay in your closet all year round, IMO! However, accessories will definitely add a subtle fall vibe to your fit when done right. For example, this necklace from curious creatures subtly hints at the fall palette without screaming “autumn leaves”. We love that.

Photo Credits: curious creatures

Dress up a casual dress with a lightweight scarf like this. Its light material and colours are perfect for a humid day out without making you feel like you have to seek AC with every minute.

Photo Credits: La Tierra
Photo Credits: Pazzion

If you’re more of a footwear over trinkets type of girl, choose cute boots that cut off at the ankle. Pieces that have tones of red, burgundy or touches of wood work the best. Little nods to the season can make all the difference in transforming your outfit.

Say Yes to the Dress

This one’s for all my lazy dressers. I get it – choosing a top and then choosing a pair of bottoms is just tiring and boring. Keep it simple with a dress – you only have to make one choice! If you already have a couple of summer dresses with you, put them on and keep them fall friendly with some cardigans. This lightweight one from 6ixty8ight is one of my favourites.

Photo Credits: 6ixty8ight

Reusing your dresses and sprucing them up with small pieces and outerwear not only ensures you do not waste clothing but also helps you save money in the long run! Just keep in mind what kind of dress you are wearing because not all of them will work (bright pink floral dresses? Pass.)

Pick the Right Materials and Textures

When you’re trying to look fall chic and at the same time, not collapse from overheating, it is imperative that you pick the right kind of materials for your clothing. Choose materials that are not heavy, choking and most importantly, the materials that allow for air to flow through easily. For instance, this fluffy sweater is light and at the same time, fluffy enough to be reminiscent of the fur coats people usually throw on nearing this time of year.

Photo Credits: 6ixty8ight

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