How To Dress Comfortably For The Office

Phase 2 for Singaporeans do not just mean re-opening of bubble tea stores and dinners with friends in cafes! For a few of us, it marks the slow transition from WFH (working from home) to WFO (working from office). It also means that we have to gradually trade in our pyjamas and sweats for suits and pencil skirts. That may sound like such a pain but we have a few tips on how to make that transition less painful! Here are some ideas and notes you can take to dress comfortably when picking out your next 9-5 outfit for the office.

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Pants for the Ladies

While pants may sound really uncomfortable, when you pick the right cut and shape, they make for a more comfortable pair of bottoms than a tight skirt. The typical office and work pants are not always the most comfortable clothing article so let’s try to veer towards more comfortable shapes and cuts.

cupro drawstring flared pants- seaweed How to Dress Comfortably for the Office
Photo Credits: r y e

The cupro drawstring flared pants from rye are made from lightweight material and promise a comfortable and relaxed fit. Designed to sit comfortably on the waist, it has an elasticated drawstring waistband and in-seam side pockets.

Material Matters!

When you are trying to stay comfortable, it is crucial to pick the right material to clothe yourself in. You’re ideally looking for something soft, something that does not trap heat like leather and something that provides just the right amount of coverage without requiring layers so you look professional enough! (no mesh!!) Here are some of our suggestions:

flared circular tunic shirt - white How to Dress Comfortably for the Office
Photo Credits: r y e

We love a good cotton blend! Cotton fabric is usually breathable and absorbent therefore keeping you comfortable in hot or cold temperatures. Also good news for Singaporeans and everyone living in hot climates – cotton keeps moisture from building up between your skin and clothing! It is also soft and stretchy, making it a comfortable fabric to wear.

Dresses Are Your New Best Friend

 How to Dress Comfortably for the Office
Photo Credits: bare

The Canyon Dress from bare is designed with the contemporary woman in mind and you can zip seamlessly from meetings to the cafes in this easy piece. You can wear it with a V neck or a round neck and we had to add this to our list because of its convenience. It is also made with biodegradable material and creating it uses 80% less water as compared to a regular cotton dress. We love a good piece of sustainable fashion!

Comfortable Shoes

This goes without saying! After being comfortable on our couches and beds the past few months, having to walk around is already going to put a toll on our feet. Make sure you stay comfortable in footwear that do not leave blisters or cuts. And because many offices and workplaces do not allow you to stride in in slippers or sneakers, here are some work appropriate pieces.

 How to Dress Comfortably for the Office
Photo Credits: Pazzion

If you hate wearing mules but do not want to walk around in flats all day, opt for shorter heeled mules. They create less strain on your ankles and are easy to slip in and out of!

 How to Dress Comfortably for the Office
Photo Credits: Pazzion

Boots can also be really comfortable, especially when they have such forgiving stretch and material.

Accessories Are Low Effort, High Rewards

Instead of carrying your wallet, your phone and your hand sanitizers in your hands when you go out for lunch, get a small pouch so you don’t run the risk of losing anything! The fact that it looks so good is just an added bonus.

 How to Dress Comfortably for the Office
Photo Credits: Pazzion

Dressing to go back to the office does not have to be such a dreaded chore when your wardrobe’s full of comfortable clothing! With hoolah’s buy now and pay later scheme, you can get the pieces you want to build your wardrobe with ease and to help you dress comfortably for the office!


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