How to Choose the Right Mirror That Fits Your Home

Mirror, mirror on the wall, how do I match them all? Read on to find out the lowdown to find the best mirrors to fit your home! 

Choosing the right mirror for your wall is an elusive and difficult craft. Not only can the right mirror add depth to your home, it can also function beyond its ability to reflect your good looks to accentuate your living space while adding a hint of brightness to it.

But how can you cherry-pick one that matches and complements your living aesthetics or interior design? Here are some recommendations and additional tips that you could look to if you are looking to redecorate your home or to get a new statement piece.

Choosing Shapes and Sizes

There are many factors to be considered here. Having the ideal shape of your mirror in mind should always be a priority. Pay heed to where you are hanging your mirrors – are they meant for the living room, dining room or bedroom?

Do also note the space you have on your wall to adorn a mirror piece. We recommend leaving some room on your wall, figuring out how much space you can play with, and picking the right size to work around.

Vertical Mirrors Make You Look Taller

In a way, mirror placement is an art that guides how your eyes move. If you want to look taller or have your room look elevated, vertical mirrors make the perfect choice as it allows your eye to travel up effortlessly.

Horizontal Mirrors Make the Room Look Wider

Linus Mirror at 120cm

Adding a wide, horizontal mirror then encourages the eye to sweep or move along the line, and in doing so, making your room look far more spacious than it seems.

Angular, Rectangular Mirrors Evoke A Sense of Orderliness

Image Credit: Quark Studio

Rectangular or square mirrors are rather traditional and conventional choices that can be as appealing as its rounded counterparts. For those who prefer to instil a sense of orderliness in the room, going for mirrors with straight, angular edges can also retain some semblance of traditions too.

Round Mirrors Add Personality into the Room

There is something alluring about round mirrors. Through its frame and the type of materials used, they seem to evoke a whimsical personality of sorts. (We will elaborate a little more later.)

Getting Mirrors with the Appropriate Aesthetic

There are times when you want to complement mirror pieces with the room’s aesthetic. While they can be nice to look at, why not add a little fun and spice things up with something different? Sometimes rules are meant to be broken and mirrors can be perfect accessories to conjure various personalities.

Simple, yet sophisticated

Octavio Hanging Mirror

Simple and sophisticated, gold-rimmed mirrors are gorgeous statement pieces that would remain forever as elegant, timeless classics.

An innovative spin to hanging mirrors, the PRISMA mirror can act as a holding tray.

For an even more sophisticated look, add a 3-Dimension effect to it with protruding frames that transform the mirror into an art sculpture.

Geometrical Duality

Image Credit: MODSY

Geometrical frames are beautiful, funky and in many ways, perfect complements to rooms that have an industrial or contemporary aesthetic. Modernity meets tradition in mirrors that possess both angular and circular frames, and they evoke a timeless duality to elevate the aesthetic of the room.

Minimalist Mirrors

Circular mirrors with sleek, thin frames have become trendy in the minimalist realm lately, especially amongst the unconventional millennials. Those that arrive frameless are favoured for its air of simplicity, while those that come in simple, thin wooden frames are reminiscent of a Zen lifestyle.


Image Credit: MODSY

A trio of mirrors is a unique take on mirror placements. Veering off the mundane single mirror off and on the wall, having a wall of mirrors not only expands the room (depending on the placement) but also can add a wow-factor to the room.

Of course, these are some suggestions and some are not suitable for everyone. Do take into consideration the space you have to play with! If you have any additional tips for us or fellow homeowners, let us know too!

Meanwhile, if you are having trouble deciding how to design your home, look at our handy-dandy home design guide, or if you are looking to learn how to better afford your home, read our blog for some financing tips.

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