How to Bring Your Loungewear From the Sheets to the Streets

Loungewear is having a major moment right now and they’ve proven to be the quintessential items in our Wardrobe ver. 2020. Whether it’s for the necessary lounge at home moments, or the quick grocery shop run, we’ve made our sweatpants and baggy tees have made work. Now that we are transitioning and going back to the outside world, you can repurpose your PJs for a more street savvy look instead of tossing them in a pile. Comfortable chic or sleep street, here are some ways you can bring your loungewear from the sheets to the streets.

Add Some Structure

Loungewear has the rep of being sloppy and shapeless – that’s what makes them so comfortable after all. Extend their wear by adding on some structured layers to the ensemble. It can be something as simple as a blazer over your sleeping gown like this one. Anything with a strong hang will distract the eye from the slouchiness of the night gown, instantly elevating it into a lux piece.

Lace High Apex  Slip Dress Loungewear
Photo Credits: 6ixty8ight

If dresses aren’t your thing and you sleep in oversized tees sans pants, fret not. Throw on some trousers under your baggy tees and tuck the tee in on one side. Something with a harder material and a stronger pleat will help cancel out the shapelessness of your oversized tee. This pair of straight leg jeans will elongate your body shape and create a continuous flow from top down. Items like these can help pull the entire outfit together and make the loungewear pieces look a lot more presentable.

Straight leg jeans loungewear
Photo Credits: 6ixty8ight

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

It goes without saying that accessories can really make or break an outfit. With loungewear pieces that are so simple and basic, adding on chunky or statement accessories may just bring your outfit to life! Think gold chunky necklaces or perhaps a silver chain. These hardier and less delicate pieces will give your understated outfit a lot more oomph and really transform it.

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Neutral Base Colours

One immediate giveaway that a piece is loungewear is the colour of it. Because the material of loungewear is already so soft and homey, the colour of the pieces can make or break the “outside wearability” of it. Pink or blue soft and shapeless cotton pieces? Dead giveaway! Try to make your pieces more everyday wear appropriate by picking neutral colours. Nudes are making a huge comeback and they work so great with black or grey. Try, for instance, an off-white pair of shorts with a longline blazer or structured cardigan. The huge contrast in colour will pull your outfit together and make it a lot more presentable.

loungewear turned Streetwear
Photo Credits: : @MODEDAMOUR

Embrace It!

Our last tip if none of the above worked for you is to just simply embrace it! Normcore is totally a style and it is always celebrated for being comforting and just plain comfortable. Wearing your loungewear out could be style adjacent to normcore and we’re here for it! Just make sure your loungewear are actual clothing pieces and not your secondary school CCA tee. Here are some cute and versatile pieces you can repurpose for both sleeping in and strutting out.

basic cami lace top
Photo Credits: 6ixty8ight

This lacy racerback cami makes for a great basic. Pair it with some jeans or even shorts and you’re good to go!

lounge pants
Photo Credits: 6ixty8ight

These lounge pants do not differ that much from your everyday basic pair of culottes – they’re just a lot more comfortable! Made with TENCELâ„¢ MODAL – Twice as soft as cotton, the fibres in this material will provide your skin with that natural soft, cosy feeling. Throw a sleeveless black turtleneck on with this outfit and some mules and you’re ready for the office!

If you’re still stuck at home and are thinking of adding more wearable lounge pieces to your outfit, check out 6ixty8ight for their pieces. They don’t just stock loungewear but also casual pieces for date nights, the office or even the gym. Use hoolah’s shop now and pay later services to build your 2020 friendly wardrobe today!


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