It’s Our Birthday! Here are 13 Exclusive Deals to Celebrate Amid the Festive Season!

We’re celebrating our biggest milestone of the year aka our FIRST birthday! It has been one heck of a ride over the past year, and we, the hoolahgans, are immensely grateful for all that we have achieved and overcome. We have grown, we have striven, and with close to 200 new merchants in our family, today, we are celebrating.

We wouldn’t be here without you, and to express our thanks we have curated an exclusive list of brands for you to shop at (or to help fill out that Christmas list) while getting up to 20% cashback from 22 to 24 November 2019.

For the Weds-to-be

1. LeCaine

Diamonds are known to be a girl’s best friend. But do you know of the other gemstone that bears close resemblance to that of the diamond? Coined the Moissanite, this gemstone is said to possess more brillance, sparkle and fire than diamonds.

In Singapore, jewellery possessing this unique gemstone is fast-becoming a trendy option for weds-to-be. Over at LeCaine Singapore, the 18K White Gold Matching Stacking Wedding Rings in Shape and Moissanite (S$147 x 4 interest-free instalments) makes for an attracting grab.

Here, the two-tone wedding bands arrive in a stylish, gilded curve and is embellished with sparkly Moissanite gems for the ladies, while the offering for men features a simplistic front.

For the Dainty Ladies

2. WaistLab

In the realm of intimate wear, WaistLab’s offerings of waist trainers are meant to empower and encourage to women to lead a more active lifestyle. Making use of thermodynamics to burn fats, collections behind the Singaporean-label are also tailored for mobility, breathability and ensuring the right amount of back support.

“It’s like a corset, except that it isn’t,” argues its founder, Alif. “Waist trainers are less invasive and aren’t as tight as a corset. The way it helps women lose weight and burn their belly fat requires a longer time and it’s through this process of thermogenesis. And it requires consistency.”

And so in the spirit of encouraging an active lifestyle, the label’s Active series is designed to provide maximum mobility whilst working out. Wrapping firmly around the mid-section, the Active Classic (S$21.25 x 4 interest-free instalments) makes for a worthy addition to your fitness arsenal.

3. Camira Asrori

Bright pops of colours, contrasting prints, and intriguing textures are hallmark designs from Singapore-based women resort label Camira Asrori. Having successfully launched a cherry blossom-based collection earlier this year, founder Siti Amirah Mohamed Asrori has recently released the much anticipated Cruise’19 collection.  

For our unique collaboration, the ever-versatile Layla Slip Top (S$9.97 x 4 interest-free instalments) from the Cruise’19 collection, which complements a denim jacket or a mini-skirt, makes for quite the steal this coming festive season. Here, colourful, bold stripes not only easily bring out the joyous mood, but also mildly elongate the female body.

4. Tocco Toscano

Melding both functionality and form together, the Tocco Toscano and fashion entrepreneur, Arissa Cheo, collaboration (otherwise known as ‘The Essentials Collection’) features carryalls that are suitable for the modern woman to transition from work to play with ease.

The unique BiB (Bag-in-Bag) concept from the collection allows all four statement pieces, which run the gamut from The Essential Top Handle tote bag (S$93.25 x 4 interest-free instalments), Tent Clutch (S$53.50 x 4 interest-free instalments), Mini Satchel (S$58.25 x 4 interest-free instalments) and Fold-Out wallet (S$30.25 x 4 interest-free instalments), to stack on one another.

Feminine, minimalist and timeless, the collection plays out to be adaptable for the woman on the go. “This collection is meant to celebrate the modern professional woman who appreciates versatility in the products she buys,” says Arissa Cheo.

5. Gnome & Bow

We have always been excited at the carryalls from Gnome & Bow. Dubbed the world’s first storytelling bags and wallets label, carryalls from the Singapore-based label are often as evocative as the stories and fairy tales we have listened to in our childhood.

Take their Covent Bag (S$ 74.50 X 4 interest-free instalments) for instance. Ultra-lightweight and very adaptable, the carryall, which is inspired from the story of ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde‘, features side-buttons that can be undone to expand the space, and is reversible from the inside out to reveal two contrasting personalities. Available in three colourways, the Covent Bag is mostly water resistant and features full-grain US cow leather accents too. In other words, it is duality and functionality in one.

6. Haikini

When it comes to female swimwear in the early 2000s Singapore, bikinis for the female surfers, while cute to look at, were lacklustre in functionality. Unable to stay affixed on the skin, crashing waves or manoeuvres on the water had encouraged generations of female surfers to don on one-piece swimsuits instead.

In Singapore, surfing enthusiast, 24-year-old Beckie Liu, tackles the perennial problem for female surfers with surf bikinis that marry durability, affordability and design together. Through her 2017-founded company Haikini, the ever-iconic Haikini Bikini Set (S$15.50 x 4 interest-free instalments) allows females of different body shapes and sizes to surf comfortably in the sea all while expressing various personalities with their unique designs.

For the Practical People

7. We The People

With its eclectic selection of goods, one can easily get spoiled at any of We The People (WTP)’s stores. Featuring items ranging from electronical appliances to innovative lifestyle gadgets, fashion wears to camping equipment, the world’s only multichannel crowdfunding retail chain and community is often filled with surprises.

Here, we recommend getting the SuperMini power bank (S$19.98 x 4 interest-free instalments) as a gift for the millennial travellers. Lightweight and arriving in dimensions similar to that of a credit card, the innovative power bank is the world’s smallest, but largest (10,000mAh) power bank. Capable of charging phones 2-3 times faster with its 18W delivery, this is ideal for those looking for more in less.  

Inheriting qualities of its predecessors, the new Bobby Compact (S$29.75 x 4 interest-free instalments) makes for another valuable asset for the travellers of today. Armoured in anti-cut cloth, and coupled with hidden zippers and pockets, the water-repellent bag pack keeps your valuables safe from prying hands.

8. Bow for Bold

Designed for the urban dweller, gym-goer and business traveller, the Quiver X (S$46.75 x 4 interest-free instalments) from Bow for Bold features multiple compartments for you to stash your daily necessities — including your laptop, running shoes, spare change of gym clothes, toiletries and more— while on the go.

Intuitive designs and functional compartments allow these items to be kept neatly and retrieved easily. In fact, you can even adjust the bag’s straps to transform the bag pack to a sling bag too. Sleek, versatile, and practical, it’s no wonder Yahoo called it “The Only Bag You’ll Ever Need.”

For the Music Junkies

9. Sennheiser

One of the newer offerings at Sennheiser, the MOMENTUM Wireless (S$149.75 x 4 interest-free instalments) ticks all the boxes for providing quality music, state-of-the-art noise cancellation feature, and functionality.

With the NoiseGard Hybrid active noise cancellation technology (which offers three modes that are tailored to different environments) effortlessly removing background audio, your ears would only be treated to music with undisrupted, clean acoustic quality. And since headsets don’t have to bog you down, the Momentum’s robust and foldable headband, which comes with genuine leather strap, matte steel arms and premium earcups, makes it easy on the go.

For the Home Builders


The clean and modern aesthetic of the industrial home décor will always remain timeless and it is no wonder why many in the millennial generation are leaning towards it. While exposed brick walls and monochromatic colour scheme are some of the hallmark designs of an industrial home, you can often add a touch of sophistication with leathered pieces. Here, IUIGA’s Fabian Leather Armchair (S$128 x 4 interest-free instalments) makes for a deserving addition to your home or study, easily matching your lofty ambitions and industrial inclinations.  

11. Mega Furniture

As we continuously combat against diminishing spaces in our Singaporean homes, little can go a long way. Mega Furniture’s Iniko Sofa Bed with Storage Ottoman (S$97.25 x 4 interest-free instalments) features the best of both design and space-saving utility, and this makes it ideal as a guest room or living room staple.

Available in beige and grey, this two-piece furniture can be transformed into a miniature bed and also comes with a dainty Ottoman, which doubles as a handy storage space too.

12. Hipvan

There has been much research claiming that humans spend 25% of their life in dream land, and if anything, it then makes sense that a good night’s rest (or a power nap) can go a long way to boost our health or mental cognition.

In humid Singapore, a good night’s sleep is easily affected by the country’s heat. For those, who expect guests over at their residence, this may perhaps pose a problem. Fortunately at HipVan, the Snooze Mattress (S$49.75 x 4 interest-free instalments), with its high-density foam and quality quilting, helps eliminate such a woe with its premium cooling Adaptive fabric that not only ensures breathability, but also checks all the boxes for a comfortable rest.

For the Timekeepers

13. Cocomi

Here at hoolah, we believe that the most precious gift one can ever receive is the gift of time. In light of the festive season, we have teamed up with lifestyle watch company Cocomi to pick out some gorgeous timepieces for both him and her.

For English accessory brand and watch label, Olivia Burton, timepieces from the label’s archives are often feminine and add a sensual air to the wrists of the 21st century women. For its latest holiday collection, the Olivia Burton Wonderland Rose Gold Mesh Women’s Watch (S$64.75 x 4 interest-free instalments) features 12 sparkling Swarovski crystals, which replace the traditional numeral markers, as well as an adorable little stag positioned in front of the dial’s alpine-inspired design.

Bering Ultra Slim Blue 39mm Unisex Watch (S$64.75 x 4 interest-free instalments), however, radiates all the ethos of a simplistic, yet modern timepiece. Here, the Bering Ultra Slim Unisex Watch series places an emphasis on uniformity with a singular colour, while a clean (but polished) dial juxtaposes austerity with a sense of lightness. Neither masculine or overtly feminine, the slim timepiece is a must-have for the urban dweller.

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