4 Feng Shui Tips To Embrace In Your Home Before The CNY Reunion

With mere two weeks before the lunar new year, we imagine many Chinese households around the globe are scrambling to complete their spring cleaning. There are some families who would seize this opportunity to make some adjustments to their furniture placements. Why? To promote good Feng Shui, of course!

Meant to invite positivity, prosperity, good health, and harmony for the family, these arrangements can span across on a wide scale. From adding a fresh coat of colour to your walls to removing mirrors by the bed or even adding potted plants in your hall, you’d be surprise at what some families do to usher good prospects.

In lieu of the forthcoming Lunar New Year, we have delved deep to uncover some practical and common tips for you (and your family) to embrace. Read on to find out three exclusive tips and also a special promotion you can enjoy!

1) Decluttering Invites Flow, while Clutter Causes Blockages

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Since the living room is where people interact (and thus experiencing one of the most fluctuations in energy), a disorganised space with plenty of ornaments can be unappealing to see or jarring to move about. Hence, great storage solutions, such as coffee tables with hidden drawer compartments, are often utilised to pack away the things that are not in used, thereby keeping the space open and clean.

Or in the great wise words of Marie Kondo, you can decide what to toss by thinking: “Does this spark joy?

2) Incorporate the Elements

In Feng Shui, the five elements – Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, and Metal – make up the pillars of energy that regulate productive and destructive cycles. The allocation of these elements may differ across different households and rooms, depending on the family as well as the geographical locations of the house.

All in all though, this can be a little complicated to grapple with and we do recommend getting professionals to help you out. But for starters, here are some suggestions:

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1. Wood – To incorporate the wood element, consider adding green elements in your home. The colour green is synonymous with nourishing the health and calming the nerves, and we do recommend having a variety of shades. We also recommend having some potted house plants into your living space or bedroom. Not only are they visually appealing on the eye, some plants can also purify the air too.

2. Water – A simple small fountain (ideally one recommended by a Feng Shui practitioner) can invite prosperity. But then again, we understand that not everyone is able to incorporate a miniature installation into their home, so make use of the colour black or objectws containing swirling movements. Meant to ground and invoke courage, the colour black should be used sparingly.

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3. Fire – Triangular and star shaped décor can be placed strategically to invoke the vibrant, divine properties of the fire element.

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Depending on the arrangement of your home’s bagua map, choosing furniture with warm colours, such as red, orange and yellow, can foster the benefits of the fire element too.

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4. Earth – An element of grounding, nourishment and self-centering, coming home to an Earth-rich home may well be a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of our city. Portraits of earthy landscapes, sandy coloured rugs, pottery and a crystal collection of sorts can be used to decorate the space.

Otherwise, you can also look for squarish décors, such as a square mirror.

5. Metal – Discipline, freshness, calmness and precision are some of the benefits of the metal element. Too much of which in the living space can be unwelcoming and cool, while too little of it can herald in a drought of creativity.

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We recommend having rounded furniture, such as a circular coffee table or rug, can instil a sense of freshness, while the colour silver and white can invoke precision and clarity.

3) Good Support in Your Home Office or Study

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For those who have children or who work at home, the arrangement of your desk (and whatever that is on it) as well as your chair can have an adverse effect on the Feng Shui.

  1. Position your chair such that there is a wall behind it. This is synonymous with the idea of having good support
  2. Get a generously-sized, rectangular table and make sure it is tidied at the end of the day. We recommend leaning the table by a wall, having good cable management and adding some simple storage solutions
  3. Make sure your table is facing the door and incorporate a miniature tabletop fountain (or an small aquarium) to improve ‘Qi’ circulation

4) Strategic Couch Placements

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The centrepiece of the living room, the family couch acts not only as an anchor to the overall interior design, but also as a tool to usher in prosperity or invoke a safe space. Here are some tips for your couch:

  1. Position the couch against a solid wall, but leave some space to allow air flow. The former is synonymous with establishing a supportive framework for the family, while the latter allows for some comfort
  2. We do not recommend positioning the couch in front of the windows. In Feng Shui, the window seems to be synonymous with bringing in bouts of random movement, and having the back facing the windows can impede a sense of stability
  3. Plus point, if the couch is positioned such that it oversees the main entryway. The door, like the window, can bring in random opportunities. By having the couch face the door, it is almost indicative that the family who rests there is aware of the forthcoming opportunities

With Chinese New Year around the corner, we want to help you get ready to usher in the Year of the Rat with an exclusive deal!

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