ohhowstrange x Curious Creatures: A Peculiar Jewellery Collection Based on Imperfections

For the longest of time, jewellery has served its purpose as ornaments to the human body. For some, these “ornaments” possess talismanic properties against malevolent entities. For others, the jewellery is reflective of their social status and wealth. If anything, the world of jewellery, much like its fashion counterparts, has evolved with time, and the craftsmen of today have become even more innovative than ever.

Established in 2011, Singapore-based jewellery brand, Curious Creatures, has long sought to create bespoke jewellery that panders to the curious minds. Its designs, often geometrical and delicate in nature, are always imbued with a sense of peculiarity that adds a sensual air across the wrists, necklines and hands of the female body.

For its latest collection, the Singapore label has teamed with avid fan and local radio personality, Kimberly Haley Wang, to create a collection inspired from life’s many imperfections and Wang’s many ‘first love’s. Coined “ohhowstrange x Curious Creatures”, the collection is a foray into the realm of demi-fine jewellery that features several asymmetrical pairings of various precious and semi-precious gemstones, such as Sapphire, Tourmaline and White Topaz.  

At times appearing in isolation and other times in gorgeous clusters, intricate odd-shaped trinkets of the collection are whimsical, playful, and metaphorically telling of imperfect individuals congregating harmoniously together. Elevating both femininity and sensuality, some of the collection features a refreshing colour palette comprising dew green Sapphire on gold with cranberry Tourmaline on rose gold as well.   

“I first fell in love with Curious Creatures seven years ago. Their designs were delicate yet unique, combining a love for geometry, semi-precious stones and materials to create simple yet charming pieces,” says Wang. “I’m still stalking every single batch of new releases. Of course, I quickly became friends with Larissa (the designer) with my constant buys. And here we are with our first capsule collection seven years later.”

Are you curious, yet?

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