At Camira Asrori, a Collection Based on the Japanese Cherry Blossoms

For its Spring’19 collection, Singapore-based womenswear resort label Camira Asrori draws inspiration from the Japanese cherry blossoms.

Since 2017, Singapore-based womenswear resort label Camira Asrori has been empowering women with statement pieces boasting facets of a woman’s merry and loud personalities. For its Spring’19 collection, founder Siti Amirah Mohamed Asrori has collaborated with Singaporean designer Tiffany Lovage for an assemblage that found influence from the Japanese Cherry Blossoms to evoke the exuberance of the season.

Yumi Kimono
Yumi Kimono

In the collection, the label’s iconic flair for using prints is rendered onto garments that featured illustrations of the Sakura flowers. While Camira Asrori strives to retain the label’s iconic pastel hues, much of the pieces steered clear of creating pieces with billowy silhouettes and instead, featured pieces that have been tapered down for the women-on-the-go.

Kira Asymmetrical Dress

Here, sloping shoulder lines, especially on the Masae Printed Blazer and Trousers, emphasise the carefreeness amid the chaos of the 21st century. While the asymmetric design from the Kira Asymmetrical Dress coalesces with buckle detailing to form a versatile collar dress for women traversing between work and casual functions.

Masae Set
Masae Printed Blazer and Trousers

For the uninitiated, much of the collection features pieces that have been imbued simplicity that still allows one to stand out from the crowd. Tailored to fall softly onto the skin, these pieces are flexible, effortless and yet, equally adventurous.

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