How To Dress Comfortably For The Office

Phase 2 for Singaporeans do not just mean re-opening of bubble tea stores and dinners with friends in cafes! For a few of us, it marks the slow transition from WFH (working from home) to WFO (working from office). It also means that we have to gradually trade in our pyjamas and sweats for suits […]

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How To Improve Your Skincare Routine During Self Isolation

Dreary days are ahead us and if the stress of the coronavirus hasn’t gotten to you yet, its aftereffects (crashing job market, we’re looking at you!) are bound to. And if there’s one thing that doesn’t handle stress well, it’s your skin. During this time while we’re all practicing social responsibility by , staying in […]

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How to Rock Your Favourite Sneakers Anywhere

Athleisure has really crept into our lives and we are starting to embrace the idea of pairing leggings with our work blazer, or throwing a pair of sneakers in for convenience. What really paved the way though, has been streetwear and how it has been well accepted into everyday fashion because of relaxed dress codes […]

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