3 Ways to Improve Your Loungewear Game

With the new normal, we’re all getting used to working from home. This also means there are two types of people – those who get through their day in their loungewear and those who put on their work clothes, jeans, makeup and accessories. If you’re normal like us and do your Zoom calls in comfy clothing, here are some ways to improve your loungewear game!

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One of the perks of working or studying from home is keeping your outfit changes (and hence, laundry load) to a minimum so let’s just say we are really trying to commit to that! While comfort is everything in picking out a set of loungewear, you also want something that can also be worn in front of your boss during a conference call.

Silk and Satin

Photo Credits: 6ixty8ight

There truly is nothing more luxurious than donning on a set of satin or silk set. It feels so smooth and soft against your skin and is also hypoallergenic which is great news for those with sensitive, rash-prone skin. It also helps regulate your body’s temperature, keeping you cool in Singapore’s tropical heat.

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Ditch Your Oversized Tee and Put on Some Pants!

There’s a time and place for your dri-fit secondary school tees and quarantine is definitely not it. Now you may contest that and think “But we’re stuck at home and not meeting anyone, so WHY can’t we dress sloppily?” Well, I don’t know about you but working from home is hard enough with all the distractions of family members, television, snacks and your bed! Putting on an outfit that’s more seemly than your old college tee will give you a sense of structure and help you set boundaries in your day-today. You want to put on something that is comfortable but also something that looks good so that you do not fall into the all-too-alluring trap of actually lounging and doing nothing.

With that being said, we suggest opting for loungewear that translates easily to “casual” instead of “sloppy”. Pick something with sleeves, and a less garish print that doesn’t distract the eye. Pick a top that is presentable on any video call and that has the comfort quality of your beloved tees.

Photo Credits: 6ixty8ight
Photo Credits: 6ixty8ight

Again, ditching your oversized tee means you finally have to put on some pants. This will help you feel more put together immediately and literally any bottoms will do (except for your undies!), whether they are sweat pants, leggings or joggers.

Invest in Good Intimates

Speaking of underwear, a key element of an ace loungewear fit is comfy undies! Comfortable underwear is an investment that people often overlook and criminally so. After all, if you’re itchy and squirming in your skivvies, you’re going to be pretty miserable in any outfit you have on!

One suggestion will be to make a beeline for the seamless undies. This means no VPL (visible panty line), no itchy mark and no elastic burn! Need I say more? As for those who still insist on wearing a bra at home (why???), at least make sure yours don’t have a wire poking into your skin 24/7! Like the panties, seamless bras are the way to go.

Photo Credits: 6ixty8ight

6ixty8ight is one of Asia’s fastest growing retail brand and they’ve expanded past intimates into clothing and accessories. Their brand has become synonymous to youthful feminine charm and since people have started working from home, their loungewear sales have been off the hook! If that’s any indication, now’s definitely the time to grab yourself some cosy clothing. With hoolah, you can buy now and pay later, interest-free!

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